Cylindrical glass jar with clip 50ml d 4.5 h 6.5 cm

Code: VETBA5B1
Height: 6,50 CM
Diameter: 4,50 CM
Volume: 50,00 ML
Pack of 48 pieces
Transparent glass jar with a simple and clean look, with an elegantly neutral colored rubber seal. Airtight metal clip closure. For food use. Glass is the best material for storing food as it does not alter flavors and aromas, and does not release any type of substance (important for our health). The airtight lid allows you to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the contents. The uses of the jars with clips are numerous. They can store food in a protected, hygienic and safe way. The larger sizes are very suitable for buffets, to contain cereals, dried fruit, etc. The smaller size clip cans can be used to offer single portions. They can form the packaging of a gift by inserting sweets, chocolates, etc. inside. The smaller clip jars can act as packages for jewels, scarves and sugared almonds, turning into practical and healthy favours. They can be used as lanterns simply by inserting a candle inside them. Even in the use of terrarium construction, they can be containers suitable for creating small self-sufficient gardens. It should also be emphasized that their transparency offers the convenience of having everything in view.

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