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Privacy policy

Note according to the art.13 of the D.Lgs. 30 June 2003 n. 196. (Consolidated law on regulations of protection of the personal data)

1. Privacy policy

Some information and warnings on the modalities of management of website to protect the personal data are provided hereby.

2. Purpose of the processing

The processing of your data is finalized only for the correct and complete execution of the service asked by you.

3. Processing of the personal data

The processing is made on computer. The provision of data is optional but an eventual refusal to provide such data can involve the failure or partial execution of the service.

The control of data, which have been given voluntarily, and treated as a result of the navigation of the website, is attributed to fiorirà un giardino, which treat the same data for the optimization of the website and for:

  • – technical and/or commercial bulletins (electronically and paper)
  • – advertising and/or marketing activity (electronically and paper)
  • – prices, catalogues, technical instructions, samplings etc.
  • – market research
  • – preparation of budget and statistics.

The owner carries out the processing by paper, by IT, by telematics modalities and server in is possession. fiorirà un giardino carries out the data to manage in the best way the website by IT and by telematics modalities.

fiorirà un giardino collects the relative data of the accesses and navigation in the websites in order to allow the operation of services and sections which demand the identification of the customer. fiorirà un giardino uses the collected information for technical administration and for eventual statistics analyses of the site. fiorirà un giardino uses global statistics on the type of traffic and other information correlated to the site, without diffusing or communicating to third parties any data concerning the user.

Every form of spread or communication to third parties is excluded (except providers appointed for declared purposes).

4. Rights of the individual

You can at any moment verify the used data and exercise all the rights provided from the art. 7 of the D.Lgs n. 196/2003 (correction, update and cancellation) by sending an email to:


5. Cookies

From the Garante’s instruction, having for object “Identification of simplified arrangements to provide information and obtain consent regarding Cookies” of May the 8th 2014 [3118884], we inform the users of the web site that:

  • – The site uses profiling cookies to send targeted advertising messages.
  • – The site also allows the sending of “third parties’” cookies (cookies installed from a different website).
  • – Additional information on cookies used by third parties and a wider information with the indications of the use of the cookies sent by the web site, are available at this address:

  • – The users gives consent, during the navigation, to the use of the cookies.
  • – IP addresses are rigorously anonymous and they are not traced
  • – We do not use any other similar systems of long-lasting tracking of the customers.

The use of session’s cookies (which are temporary and decay with the shutdown of the session) is strictly functional to the optimization of the website and to guarantee a better navigation.

Other websites on which this website can eventually “link” can contain tracking systems that are foreign with the owner of the website. We cannot guarantee that such external websites are equipped of suitable safety systems to protect the processed data and to prevent damages (ex: computer viruses).


6. Consent and specific information

In the website, are present specific information for particular purposes of treatment or for determined types of data, and, where necessary, a consent is required.


7. Safeguard measures of the site

For the management of the website, specific security measures have been adopted, to guarantee a secure access and to protect the contained information from risks of loss or accidental destruction. The software antivirus used in the management of website is updated every day. Moreover fiorirà un giardino even if guarantees the adoption of appropriate systems Antivirus, in addition to being a legal requirement, recommend the user to equip its own workstation of a system of prevention and scanning against virus.

For the access to the restricted areas of the website, the customers will received an identification code and a password. The customers himself generate such password. The customer will keep the password confidential. In order to navigate in the restricted areas of the website it is necessary to use a browser that accepts the level of codifing 32 eg. bit (5,5 Microsoft Internet Explorer sp2 or advanced or Netscape advanced Navigator 6 or).

8. Clarifications

This document constitutes the “Privacy Policy” of this website and it will be update.

Integration to the document of privacy policy

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (simply “Analytics”) is a service of statistics offered by Google Inc. The headquarter, is in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States and it aim the tracking accesses to sites and web resources and allows the website’s administrators to generate and to visualize the data, in aggregated and anonymous form, for statistical purpose.

Google Analytics demands, for its own operation, the presence on the pages of the website of a tracking code that identifies the pages visited by the customers, the names of domain and the type of browser used. Such data are anonymous (they do not allow the users’ identification).

Purpose of the treatment

Google uses the collected data to statistical purposes, to assess the correct use of the website and to improve the effectiveness.

Treatment of the personal data

The treatment of the collected data is managed by Google Inc. by IT tools to ensure the safety and the confidentiality of the same data. For its own operation, Google Analytics uses some cookies. The information on the use of the website by the users are transmitted to Google and registered in their servers in the United States.

Google will not associate the IP address used by customer during the navigation to any other data, except specific acceptance from the customer of the privacy policy and the terms of the service of Google Inc.

Such activities and services are not correlated to the use of the website, which is not responsible for the treatment of the personal data.

The data collected by the Analytics service are transferred on the servers of Google Inc. and there elaborated. Google can also transfer these information to third parties if required by law or where such third parties deal with the aforesaid information on behalf of Google.


The customer can anytime deactivate the use of the cookies from its browser. Such choice can cause difficulty in the navigation of the website.

The customer cannot refuse, instead, the partial collection of the data by Google Analytics’ software. In this case, the users are invited to stop the navigation.


What are the Cookies

The cookies they are a kind of “memorandum”, short “lines of text” containing information that can be saved on a user’s computer when the browser (eg. Chrome or InternetExplorer) recall determined website. Thanks to cookies, the servers sends information that will be read again and updated every time the user returns in that website. In this way, the website can automatically adapt itself to the user improving the navigation.

What are the Cookies used for?

The cookies are mainly used for:

  • – improve the user’s experience of navigation in the website.
  • – provide the manager of the website about the user’s navigation in an anonymous way, to obtain given statistical data on the use of the website and to improve navigation.
  • – The cookies can also transmit advertising messages.

Technical cookies

For the installation of technical cookies (of navigation/session; “Analytics” and functionality type) is required only the informative’ obligation.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating user profiles. They are used to send advertising messages in line with the user’s preferences. They requires the users’ consent. The user can anytime deny the consent and/or modify its options using the appropriate sections of this informative.

Which kind of Cookies uses this site

Navigation /session cookies

“Technical” cookies are fundamental to navigate in the website and to use all the functions, as for example the access to the restricted areas (Customers Areas). Without these cookies, it would not be possible to supply the demanded services. These cookies do not collect information for commercial purposes.

In this category belong the cookies set up from the support platforms of the infrastructure of safety of the company.

How to deactivate this kind of cookies

Deactivation from: Browser* settings

Warnings in case of interruption

To prevent frauds we strongly advised against the Interruption of functions as the authentication, the validity and the management of a navigation session.

Analytics Cookies

They collect and analyze in an aggregated or anonymous way the information on the use of the website from the user (visited pages, etc.) in order to supply the user with a better navigation. These cookies do not collect any information that can identify in anyway the user.

In this category belong the cookies set up from the following technological solutions:

> Adobe Site Catalyst

> DoubleClick

> Mediamind

> Google Analytic

How to deactivate this kind of cookies

Deactivation from: Browser* settings


Warnings in case of interruption

Exclusion from the statistical compute of the navigation parameters that afford analysis to the optimization of the website.

Functionality Cookies

They allows the website “to remember” the choices of the user and to personalize and improve the website contents. The information collected from this type of cookies are anonymous.

In this category belong the cookies set up from the following technological solutions:

> Adobe Test & Target Like

How to deactivate this kind of cookies

Deactivation from: Browser* settings

Warnings in case of interruption

Interruption of functionality of testing and consequently the not optimized visualization of the website.

Profiling cookies

They send advertisings messages in line with the preferences shown by the user during its navigation.

In this category belong the cookies set up from the marketing platforms.

How to deactivate this kind of cookie

Not necessary as not present.

Warnings in case of interruption

Interruption of personalized marketing messages in the website

How to deactivate the cookies through your browser

This website works in an optimal way if the cookies are activated.

You can however decide not to allow the setup of the cookies on your computer. To do that go to the “Preferences” of your browser.

If you want to modify the setup of the cookies, selects hereby the browser that you are using:

Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer – Opera – Safari

If you deactivate the cookies, you can disable some functionalities of the site.

Also with all the cookies disabled, your browser will continue to memorize a small amount of information, necessary for the basic functionalities of the website.

Third parties Cookies

This site uses cookies, carefully selected and controlled, of third parties that can install cookies on the user’s terminal.

Between these, you can find, for example, advertising agencies, suppliers of technology, provider of sponsored contents and external societies of search. The Third parties are directly responsible, as of Holders of the treatment of the cookies installed through of this website, and of the treatments that they do.


You can obtain a directory of some providers that work with the managers of the websites in order to collect and have useful information to the use of the behavioral publicity at this link:

You can have more information on each of them and how to block/to activate single operators.

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