Cream iron touch table lamp with usb d10 h30 cm

Category: Led lights
Height: 30,00 CM
Diameter: 10,00 CM
Pack of 6 pieces
Wireless "Luci-lla" table lamp: you can take it everywhere! Lamp in varnished alluminium, USB rechargeable,dimmable (this means that it is possible to adjust the light intensity touching with a finger the upper part of the lamp), with LED light. Thanks to its IP54 protection, it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for a romantic dinner in the garden, on the balcony or on the boat. It has a height that doesn't interfere the view among the guests at the table. And also to create s special reading corner everyehere. Battery duration: min 10 - max 30 hours. Recharging time: 5/6 hours. Available in white, black, chocolate, cream, gold. Recharging wire included in each box.Singular packaging.

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